Balfour at 100 – Ruth Schreiber

1 November – 30 November

Screened in a darkened space, this video installation is focused on the actual letter of the Balfour Declaration dated November 2nd, 1917. An image of the original letter scrolls slowly down as the text is read aloud.

There are three iterations of the reading. After the first, a series of images of Lord Balfour is projected. Then the letter reappears followed by images of the coats of arms of the British Foreign Office and of Lord Rothschild. Finally, after the third reading, several images of Lord Rothschild are screened. This sequence then repeats, on a loop.

The ambivalence of the actual declaration is highlighted through the three different readings, with varied emphases in each iteration.

The artist hopes that this rendering will give the viewer pause to consider this important historic watershed and its many significant ramifications.

The video is also being shown at the 3rd Jerusalem Biennale of Contemporary Art.