Goodbye Sports Exhibition; Hello Peace Quilt

There is a lot of activity going on in our exhibition room.  It’s time to dismantle “Playing the Game: Sporting Life in Jewish Manchester”. I’m quite sad to see those pictures of sports teams and individuals from past and present being taken down. While it was still up it reminded me of how fabulous 2012 has been for sport in the UK. It kind of kept the Olympics alive in this little corner for a bit longer.

It is coming down for a good reason though.  It will soon be replaced by the Peace Quilt exhibition, which was also inspired by the Olympics. The Olympic ideal is one of building a peaceful and better World.   Children from countries all over the world were invited to create a drawing to represent what peace means to them.  The results were transferred to material and stitched together to form the Peace Quilt.  I have been reading all about it and am looking forward to taking a close look at each individual piece. There is sure to be a lot of variety but also many ideas in common. 

This picture gives an idea of what just one of the peace quilt pieces looks like.



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