Building Bridges Project

Right now we are really enjoying hosting a group of young volunteers who are in the middle of an exciting 10 week course here. The course is known as the “Building Bridges Project”. The course is being taught by a tutor from Salford College. They are all unemployed at the moment but when the course has finished they will receive a pre-employability diploma from Salford College to help them find employment in the future. Some but not all of them have only recently left further education.


The young volunteers and their tutor are a very lively bunch.  At least two of them are from America and one is from Spain.  It’s nice to hear the different accents. The classes are run in the exhibition room next to the general office on Mondays and Tuesdays. They are all busy chatting and working on various tasks on their lap-tops. Sometimes they seem to be having animated discussions and sometimes one of them is giving a presentation to the rest. One time as I walked through I overheard the tutor telling them a bit of teaching theory as they are going to have a try at teaching one of our visiting classes. I know at some point they are going to “buddy up” with existing volunteers to work in the shop and take visitors around.


I think we are really going to miss having them around when the course finishes.







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