Moroccan connection

Is a trip to Morocco on the cards? Looking out at the grey clouds which usually hover above the streets of Cheetham Hill, it is hard to imagine that there could be a connection between Manchester Jewish Museum and a Mediterranean town called Magador in Morocco.

Recently however our Curator took a call from Mr Martin Rose of the British Council in Morocco. He said that Mr Azoulay, Councillor to the King of Morocco and President of the Anne Lind Foundation would be coming to Manchester to give a lecture at the University. While in Manchester he wanted to come to the Museum. Doesn’t everybody? But this was more than just a passing interest in one of the ethnic groups of Cheetham Hill. It turns out that Mr Azoulay has a strong personal interest in the history of the Jews of Magador (now known as Essaouira), a coastal town in Morocco.

Long ago when this Museum was a thriving synagogue with a vibrant congregation, some of the members, originally from Morocco, had supported the foundation of a synagogue in Magador. Mr Azoulay believes that the designs for that synagogue were in fact based on the designs for this synagogue. Our Curator is going to search through the minute books going back to 1870 to see if she can find any reference to this. Mr Azoulay hopes to create a Museum at the Synagogue in Magador/Essaouira and that he might get some ideas by looking around our Museum. Our creator is wondering if he might need an advisor to go out to Morocco as a consultant …

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