Installing a new exhibition: Encounter with the Holocaust – Personal Reflections by Gary Spicer


We are in the process of installing Gary Spicer’s exhibition “Encounter with the Holocaust”. Stark white walls spattered with black and red are the first things to see right now.  The black and the red are writing. Some of the writing is clear print to explain the exhibits. Other writing is Gary’s poetry reproduced in black in his own personal scrawl, dashed with streaks of red like blood.

On one side of the room the installers have lined up squares of artwork ready for hanging. Watch towers, railway lines and distorted hand drawn figures contrast oddly with boxes of tools, a spirit level and two sizes of ladders.

A recurring symbol of the line drawings is a human head hanging in despair.  The most compelling piece is a line drawing of grossly distorted human figures each one crammed into a tiny space, like a battery hen in a cage.  Some photographs appear to show only peaceful countryside, but the artist has retouched the hills in dark purple showing the permanent imprint of the horrors they witnessed.

This is going to be a powerful exhibition.  I challenge any visitor to come and see this and not be moved.  It opens on January 26 and runs until 9th March.


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