Increase in Visitor Feedback due to Touch Screen Survey

Like all museums we are eager to receive feedback from our visitors.  Until now we had  found this a bit of a struggle.  Green feedback forms were handed to visitors as they paid their entrance fees, but despite polite requests very few of these forms actually got completed and handed back in.

So we’ve got rid of the green forms and replaced them with a nice little 21st century feedback touch screen which stands confidently in the foyer inviting visitors to tell us what they think about their visit.

And now they do!

Responses have increased two or even threefold and we’ve found out that a large proportion of visitors hear about us through word of mouth (so people are talking about us!), they think our staff and volunteers are really, really friendly, they love our new tours, nearly all of them would recommend us to friends and they all think their visit was good value for money. And guess what?  Everyone thinks we should get a café…….well maybe one day…!


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