Launch of New Tours at MJM

Since January we have been developing two new tours of the museum in order to improve the visitor experience. In both tours visitors can find out about Jewish life in Manchester through the experiences of real individuals who lived in the Jewish community in Manchester around 1912. One tour concentrates on the Jewish faith and the synagogue, while the other tour focuses on everyday life in the Jewish community at that time.

Our volunteer guides have been practising delivering the tours for weeks. Yesterday we officially launched the tours and invited people from other museums, from volunteering networks and from the press to coffee and cakes and the opportunity experience these new tours for themselves. We were overwhelmed by the response. About 60 people accepted our invitation and their feedback was very very enthusiastic.

When the museum closed to the public at 4:00pm staff and volunteers had their own little celebration which involved yet more coffe and cakes. Max our CEO thanked the volunteers for all their hard work and spoke about future developments at the museum. Rose our volunteer co-ordinator made sure that all volunteers were given their new smart blue t-shirts and fleeces. And then she made us all play team games! (which actually turned out to be very enjoyable).

At the end of all that anyone under the age of 35 (about 6 people) went out for a night on the town.



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