Getting ready for “Jack and Maureen”

It’s an absolutely glorious spring day here in Manchester– which is exactly what you’d expect.

In the exhibition room next door to my office there is a hive of activity. Yesterday the resources and material for our next exhibition were delivered.  This is of course “Jack and Maureen – A Creative Partnership”. It’s about the lives and careers of Jack Rosenthal and Maureen Lipman. 

The walls now display massive screen size posters of Jack’s face and Maureen’s face. Scattered around the room there are empty display cases, toolboxes, spirit levels, scissors, paint pots and tailors’ dummies. Stacked neatly to one side there are framed posters advertising films that Maureen appeared in like “The Pianist”. There is a tailor’s dummy dressed in one of Maureen’s costumes.

Out of this apparent chaos our Curator will create a fascinating and accessible exhibition in time for our opening on March 6th.


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